About Us

CPi Developers has been a successful San Rafael family business for 50 years. The real estate management and development company was originally founded by Martin Bramante under the name Cal-Pox, Inc. When Martin’s granddaughter, San Rafael native Stephanie Kirby Plante, took over ownership and operations in 2015, she sought to update the company’s name in a way that both honored family tradition and reflected future vision. The former Cal Pox, Inc. became CPi Developers, a firm that acquires, develops and manages commercial and residential property located primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area. Shoreline Center in San Rafael, home to Target, Home Depot, Honda of Marin and BMW of San Rafael, is CPi Developers’ flagship project.

CPi in the Community

CPi Developers’ deep roots in Marin County are at the heart of a passion for community participation and volunteerism.