About Us

Founded in 1970, CPi Developers is a forward-thinking commercial real estate development and management firm based in San Rafael, California. With a rich history and deep roots in the community, CPi has established itself as a leader in the industry. The firm's portfolio showcases our ability to create transformative projects. We are the proud owners of the Shoreline Center, a thriving commercial hub featuring renowned tenants such as Target, Home Depot, BMW San Rafael and Marin Honda. Additionally, CPi owns the ground floor unit at Grand Landing, a commercial condominium development that serves as a gateway to the bustling East San Rafael business neighborhood. Notable tenants at this location include FedEx, Bank of America, Senior Helpers and Starbucks. Under the visionary leadership of President/CEO Stephanie Plante, CPi has expanded its reach and acquired properties that embody our commitment to the future.

Noteworthy projects include one of the world's largest Tesla Supercharger Stations in Kettleman City, California and a strategically positioned Starbucks location in Oroville. The latter contributed to the transformation of Oroville into a thriving community, following the $1 billion investment in the Oroville Dam upgrade. With a focus on innovation and a dedication to community development, CPi continues to shape the commercial real estate landscape. Our approach ensures that our projects stand out, deliver value and contribute to the vibrant growth of the regions we serve.


Our mission extends beyond the structures we create; it encompasses the communities we touch. We believe that real estate has the power to shape not only physical landscapes but also the social and economic fabric of neighborhoods. By developing properties that contribute positively to their surroundings, we actively contribute to community growth and vitality.

Meet The Team

Stephanie Kirby Plante


Kalina Cloud

Director of Operations

Who We Are

CPi Developers’ deep roots in Marin County are at the heart of a passion for community participation and volunteerism.

Our History


The Start

Cal-Pox, Inc. founder and San Francisco native Martin Bramante was the son of Italian immigrants. Martin was an enterprising first-generation American who had a mind for business and a savvy sense of land value. One of his first acquisitions was San Quentin Disposal, Marin County’s primary landfill, which he operated for 20 years. Martin was well known to generations of Marin children for the lollipops he handed out at the landfill entry. He closed the operation in 1987 and prepared the site for future development.


Family Business

The business was a true family affair, with Martin’s wife Val and daughters Susan and Kathy working in the operation that grew to include additional commercial and residential real estate projects. Bramante grandchildren Stephanie Kirby Plante and Gregory and Gianna Hansen grew up in the business and became partners in the 1990s.


A New Lead

Martin’s daughter, Susan Bramante Kirby, partnered with her Dad in transforming the landfill site into today’s Shoreline Center, adjacent to the San Francisco Bay. They weathered the political challenges of developing in Marin County and over the years won approval for Home Depot, followed by BMW of San Rafael. In 1999, Susan’s sudden passing from cancer left a hole in the family. Her daughter Stephanie stepped up in many ways leaving behind a promising television career to help the family manage the growing business. She managed and expanded the reach of Cal-Pox, Inc. over the years and was named company president in 2005.



Mentored by Martin, Stephanie led Shoreline Center into further expansion. Together, they developed and built a dealership for General Motors that is now Honda Marin. The next decade was occupied with securing entitlements for esteemed retailer Target to expand its footprint in Marin County with its first store in San Rafael. Stephanie guided the entitlement process through the 2008 recession, a ballot initiative and a lawsuit. Target opened in October of 2013.


CPi Developers

Martin remained active in day-to-day operations for Cal-Pox, Inc. well into his 90’s. He died in 2014 at the age of 94. Stephanie purchased the company from her family members in 2015 and updated the company’s name to CPi Developers, a name that honors its 50+ year history while reflecting a modern future. Stephanie continues as sole owner, president and CEO of the firm.